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Sprinkler fire pumps are life and property saving systems , the equipment installed in the pump rooms is UL approved and FM listed . Fire pump rooms must be maintained in a professional manner in order to insure system functionality and save extra costs.

Lindner Fire Prevention Systems was founded in 2012 and serves as a unique company in Israel and in the middle east, the company continues the heritage of Lindner Doron Service & maintenance founded in 2008.

We are certified by Israeli institute of standards to perform maintenance and inspection of fire prevention systems according to I"S 1928 / NFPA25.

We are EATON'S ASP to the middle east and CLARKE ASP in Israel.
Lindner Fire Prevention Systems specializes in maintenance, diagnostics, consulting and fixing entire fire pumps rooms and equipment.

As required by code we service the systems using only OEM parts and by certified personal according to NFPA25.
Our personal were trained at manufacture facilities in the US and Canada, to service and maintain systems the right way.

In Israel, we provide services to all major maintenance companies in that field, government and public buildings, army, Israel electric company, Teva, residential etc.

Hiring us to do the job will insure system reliability and will save you a lot of money!